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MVIS Security Center for WordPress


Download the free MVIS Security Center here.

Protect what you create!

You use WordPress to create something valuable – for you and your customers – and so do millions of other people around the world. Unfortunately, this popularity makes WordPress a target of hackers.

Our company, SEC Consult, wants to help deter hackers from the WordPress community. That’s why we give you the MVIS Security Center… for free!

Let the hackers go destroy other websites.

Security has never been this simple!

MVIS Security Center helps you lock down your WordPress installation in three simple and clear steps.
  • Update Check
    Find out what components of WordPress are vulnerable or need updating.
  • User Check
    Find out which of your user accounts have problems that pose risks to your website.
  • Core Check
    Find out which files and settings put your website at risk.
You will see at a glance how to protect your website from hackers.

Protect yourself now. Stay protected in the future.

Everyday new vulnerabilities are found, and hackers are ready to use them against your websites. 

Keeping track of these threats is our full-time job. Free yourself to spend your time doing more important things by subscribing to MVIS PROtection. With a subscription, we alert you by email whenever new problems arise that threaten your unique WordPress set up. And, of course, we also tell you how to become safe again.

Hackers will never stop attacking. Don’t become a victim!

Subscribe to MVIS PROtection and you will know exactly what to do, when you need to do it.
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